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As a member of Cynon Valley Sub Aqua Club, you can get to enjoy the very best of what diving has to offer. We believe UK scuba diving offers the most thrilling, challenging and rewarding diving you are ever likely to do.

Take a look our collection of photos from club trips and events to give you an idea of what we get up to. Or better still contact us to come and find out in person!

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About us

Based in Godreaman near Aberdare in the Cynon Valley, we are a British Sub Aqua Club branch with our members mainly coming from the surrounding Valleys.
We are a non-profit making club with a vast range of interests and experience. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and range from teenagers to octogenarians.  

Our pool training is carried out in the Aberdare indoor swimming pool from 7 to 8 pm on Thursday evenings. We have use of a large 4m deep diving pool and a section of the main pool. We have enjoyed a good relationship with the pool management over the years and have provided snorkel training for their customers.

We dive most weekends through the summer months and less frequently throughout the winter. Our diving is carried out around the Welsh coast and in particular Pembrokeshire. We have several expeditions further afield through the year which normally take the form of weekend trips to the South Coast of England. Once a year the club organises an annual holiday.

In 2016 we had a trip to Truk Lagoon, in 2017 we went to Scapa Flow and in 2018 we had a liveaboard trip in the Red Sea. Club trips have been curtailed at the moment due to the virus regulations.

Theory training is provided on Thursday evenings in the clubhouse after the pool session. These lectures are complimented by home study and a theory assessment. Practical Training is started at Aberdare swimming pool and following an assessment of skills, progression is made to open water. Before progression to the sea some drills in sheltered water are desirable to acclimatise the student to the elements without the added obstacles of tide and currents.

Progression in training is only allowed when the Instructor and Diving Officer are happy that the students have reached the required standard. Safety is the number one concern and we proud of the fact that in our 40 year + history we have never had a diving incident despite being one of the largest and most active clubs in Wales.

We are one of the very few clubs to have its own clubhouse. This gives us facilities such as a lecture room and storage for our equipment as well as a lounge area for socialising on Thursday nights after the pool session.

The club has 2 ribs, one of which is kept at the Pembrokeshire Yacht Club in Gellyswick Bay. Launching from Gellyswick gives the opportunity to dive many sites along the Pembroke coast.
We also have our own compressor at the clubhouse. This gives a considerable saving to members as air-fills can cost as much as £5 per tank (free for club members using our own compressor ). Some of the more remote sites can require a long drive to find a dive shop with a compressor.

Members enjoy the full range of club and training activities, including weekend dive trips, diving holidays and social activities. Other member benefits include:

  • Access to club diving – the club has a compressor, RIB and pool
  • Access to great quality and value training
  • Programme of diving trips, holidays and socials
  • Theory lectures are free to attend
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